Helitrans offers drone services to private individuals, companies and state actors.

We have the following equipment for our drones, among others:
DJI Zenmuse XT2 Thermocamera
Zoom camera with 30x optical and 180x digital zoom, of the type DJI Zenmuse Z30.

Whether you want to carry out inspections in difficult-to-reach areas,
photo of own property,
using a heat-seeking camera to determine where a building has heat loss,
nature photos, or other photos / videos taken from the air;
We work with both operators and drones to assist you.

 Vi kan hjelpe med befaring, bilder av eiendom, naturfoto,  varmesøkende kamera for inspeksjon av varmetap eller andre foto/videoer tatt fra luften.


All our operators have the highest possible drone certification (RO3) and can therefore fly in the dark, close to buildings, people, groups and in both scattered and densely populated areas.

Airlift Solutions AS with whom we cooperate and operate under, the drones is authorized to operate VLOS, EVLOS and BLOS and is authorized to perform the following types of operations:

1. General film and photo in densely populated buildings
2. Close flight
3. Inspections
4. Testing equipment
5. Search

Feel free to contact us for a free chat and offers.