We specialize in assignments for the power industry and have a helicopter fleet adapted to this type of service. Norway has a very special combination of topography and weather conditions that place great demands on safe and efficient flight. Our pilots are constantly training to work under such conditions, whether heavy lifts with floating concrete, structures and masts, or inspection / inspections.

Helitrans is approved for building and demolishing anywhere from 22Kv to 420Kv lines.
Helitrans has several contingency / framework agreements with power companies throughout Norway.

Powerline construction

We are at your service when you are constructing powerlines.

Using a helicopter enables you to erect more towers in a shorter space of time, while also avoiding major construction damage in the terrain.
Towers mounted with traverse and insulators can easily weigh several tonnes.

Our pilots also have competence when it comes to maintenance work on power lines. As well as to all forms of assembly work performed by AS350 helicopters, we also perform transportation of fully assembled mast constructions with our Bell 214.


Extreme weather poses an increasing challenge.

We can offer fast, efficient and safe emergency inspections and condition monitoring of transmission lines by helicopter. We also perform routine inspections and have the necessary expertise and equipment for such missions.

During visual inspection of power transmission lines, we can fly low over the lines. Performing inspections by helicopter is an effective way to determine which parts of the powerline that requires maintenance.

Using a helicopter is an efficient way to perform clearing of power line corridors or line inspections.

The pilot has particular focus on safety.